Arnold Mathew

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Image:Arnoldmathew.jpg Arnold Harris Mathew (18521919) was the first Old Catholic bishop in the United Kingdom. He was a suspended Roman Catholic priest who became the leading prelate of the Old Catholic Church in the U.K.

Mathew was appointed in 1908 after the Utrecht Union of Churches approved the establishment of a mission in the U.K. He was consecrated by Archbishop Gerardus Gul of Utrecht on April 28, 1908. Assisting Gul was Bishop J. J. Van Thiel of Haarlem, Bishop N. B. P. Spit of Deventer and Bishop J. Demmel of Bonn, Germany.

On December 29, 1910 Mathew declared his autonomy from the continental Old Catholics due to disagrements with certain practices and disciplines that Mathew felt deviated from Catholic tradition. Mathew later consecrated Prince Rudolph Edward de Landes Berghes, an Austrian nobleman, in 1913 for work in Scotland.

According to the Reformed Catholic Church, Arnold H. Mathew is the 255th bishop in line of succession from Saint Peter.

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