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Frederick S. (Fritz) Perls (1893 - 1970) was a noted German-born psychologist and psychotherapist.

He coined the term 'Gestalt Therapy' for the approach to therapy he developed with his wife Laura Perls from the 1940s, and became associated with the Esalen Institute in California in 1964. His approach is related but not identical to Gestalt psychology and the Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy of Hans-Juergen Walter. His ideas were also used to develop similar new age human potential concerns such as neurolinguistic programming NLP

He has been widely evoked outside the realm of psychotherapy for a quotation often described as the "Gestalt prayer". This was especially true in the 1960s when the version of individualism it expresses received great attention.



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Influenced by Laura and Fritz Perls (Students)

[Jack Lee Rosenberg], [IBP Integrative Body Psychotherapy]

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Writings and Lectures by Fritz Perls:

  • Psychiatry in a New Key from the Unpublished Manuscripts of Fritz Perls
  • Finding Self Through Gestalt Therapy, a transcript of a talk given at the Cooper Union by Frederick Perls in 1957
  • Planned Psychotherapy by Frederick Perls. A talk given in the late 1940s at the William Alanson White Institute in New York City, "Planned Psychotherapy" predates the articulation of Gestalt therapy by a few years. Perls discusses in detail his developing use of focusing on the "here and now."

Interview with Fritz Perls:

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