Ghawar Field

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Ghawar Field is an oil field in Saudi Arabia. It is located about 100 km WSW from the city of Dhahran in the Eastern Provice. Measuring 280 km by 30 km, it is the largest oil field in the world.



Historically Ghawar has been subdivided into five production areas, from north to south, 'Ain Dar and Shedgum, 'Uthmaniyah, Hawiyah and Haradh. The major oasis of Al-Hasa and the city of Al-Hofuf are located on Ghawar's east flank, corresponding to the 'Uthmaniyah production area. Ghawar was discovered in 1948 and put on stream in 1951.


Approximately 60-65% of all Saudi oil produced between 1948 and 2000 came from Ghawar. Currently, Ghawar produces over 5 million barrels (800,000 m³) of oil a day (6.25% of global production). It is completely owned by Saudi Aramco.

Field Reserves

Saudi Aramco has stated that it has more than 70 billion barrels of proven reserves remaining. Some people, such as Matthew Simmons in his book Twilight in the Desert, suggest that production from the Ghawar field and Saudi Arabia, may soon peak. However, Simmons' work has been strongly criticised by Aramco officials such as Nansen Saleri.

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