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Goth slang is the slang, or insider language, of members of the Goth subculture. This is displayed in both the common slang found throughout the various regional goth scenes.

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Not considered a "slang term" but often worn by many Elder Goths. A symbol known in the Gothic Society; meaning: In an egyptian word "immortality". A symbol of life and death, traditonally worn on a black strap and the ankh is silver.
Ashes and Rust
A Gothic person who listens to more heavy metal than gothic rock, sometimes often found at home more in a mosh pit than a goth dance club. More into the doom and gloom aspects, see Black Sabbath, Type O Negative, and Trouble. More about scaring people than being fashionable. Often seen wearing olive shirts, black jeans, grey shirts, and combat boots. They borrow more from Grunge. See also metalhead.


see Babygoth see also Kindergoth
A young goth, or the newer(younger) generation of goth.
A general term for electronic music. Sometimes used negatively by trad goths.
A Cybergoth. The term originated from the Bleepy room in Slimelight, London's biggest long running goth club.
A goth who likes to wear spikey neon coloured uv reactive jewellery from company Blowfish UV.
Used to describe androgynous and feminine looking young males.


Collective term for goths. Several have been suggested, but this one has the listing in the Goth Dictionary(3)
An article of clothing with a lot of studs or spikes.
Candy goth 
A Goth who likes to wear fairy wings and attire associated thereof.
Batcave/Cure oriented goths (used by French goths).
Corporate Goth 
Goths that work in the corporate sector, and wear business attire.
Corporate gothwear 
Business clothes that are both Goth in fashion and compatible with working in an office (standard corporate dress code). The color black predominates.
Crow Makeup 
Goth makeup applied in the style of Brandon Lee's character in The Crow, also used as an insult towards any garish/"over the top" application of makeup.
See cyber.


Dark Side Story 
Name for conflicts between Megabar (Melbourne goth venue) patrons and other nearby 'normal' clubs.
A young gothling with no fashion sense, often with crow or clown like makeup or makeup, refuses to smile because of fear of losing uber goth image. (this includers Flindersgoths)


Elder Goth 
A Goth from the modern original "wave" or "generation" of goth, generally reserved for those who have been part of the scene for a long time (i.e., "old-skool") and hence are knowledgable regarding Goth lore and history. Usually more Bohemian than young goths. Cf. Geri-goth. Elder Goth is viewed as the older, more authoritative generation of the two commonly known generations, and though it is typically restrictive to age, it is not necesarily a definite.


Flinders St Goth 
Youngish goth know for hanging out at Flinders St Station in Melbourne(AUS)


A Goth who is considered "elder" even among Elder Goths.
A gothic bogan.
see Gothic Lolita
Goth Compatable 
someone who is not a goth but can appear to be one fairly easily.
Goth Juice 
Used to refer to Absinthe, a drink stereotypically popular amongst goths. May now refer to Monster, a popular energy drink.
A designer or avid follower of goth fashion.
Gothic Lolita 
or GothLoli (ゴスロリ, gosurori; sometimes alternatively "Loli-Goth") is a fashion somewhat rare, but very highly visible, among Japanese teenagers and young women. It emphasizes Victorian-style girl's clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls.
Gothic Two Step 
A particular Gothic dance prevalent in the late 1990's
Used in America to describe the gothic two step dance.
see Raver Goth
Gothic Punk. also Poth


House goth 
A Goth that rarely or never goes clubbing, preferring to dress up in the home.
High goth 
A Goth who displays a keen fashion sense within the Goth subculture standard. See also Uber Goth.


People who dress up like members from the band Insane Clown Posse. Derogatory by Goth standards.
Someone whose transformation from a normal to Goth is almost instantaneous. Often think they are Uber Goth or Old Skool after only a few weeks of being "Goth." Generally they go back to being normal very quickly. Also applied to young Goths who, using their parent's credit card, walk into the store (ex. Hot Topic) normal and walk out Goth.


A hardcore and knowledgable female fan of ICP (Insane Clown Posse), whether goth or not.[1] cf. ICPers above.
A hardcore and knowledgable male fan of ICP (Insane Clown Posse), whether goth or not.[2] cf. ICPers above.


see babygoth


Mistaken for a Goth as they Live Action Role Play.
Boots with tall platforms.
Low Goth 
A Goth who fails to display what is considered to be good fashion sense within the Goth subculture standard. Can be used to make reffrence to babygoths, ICPers, Raver Goths, Candy Goths, Mansonites, NINnies, and all other types of Goths who are considered posers.


Youth primarily into Marilyn Manson, and may appear like him. Elder Goths derogatorily refer to them as Spooky Kids.
Mopey Goth 
A Goth, who is very gloomy and mopy, conforms to the stereotypical “Goth” image of always being sad and melancholy. Often sits in the corner and watches the Perky Goths dance
See Normal


In the broader sense, any goth who has and uses Internet access. Has also sometimes been used to refer to posters to certain newsgroups such as alt.gothic or uk.people.gothic, but is not specific to any group of goth 'netizens'.
New Rock 
A brand of clunky boots with elaborate bits of metal and leather attached, popular amongst metalheads and goths.
NINny, ninny 
The equivalent of mansonites, but rather aficionados of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails
Used to describe someone who is not goth or another obvious subculture.


Oh my goth 
A play on the phrase "oh my god", used to indicate shock or exasperation, often mockingly or sarcastically. Also the title of a track by Razed in Black.
Old Skool 
See trad goth.


Panda Goth 
Name for a goth who has gone out in public without removing make-up from the previous evening.
A Goth who is very energetic and/or happy, often very talkative and outgoing. Notable in that such a demeanor works against the stereotype of Goths being mopey, depressed, and/or jaded.
Pocket Niners 
'Fun things' that a goth takes to a big night.
Meant as an insult usually to Goths who like to play dress-up but don't mean it, which is referred to in a mocking song (to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot): "I'm a little Poser, short and stout; here is my candle and here is my ankh." See Insta-Goth and Yuppie Goth. Note also that Poser is itself a slangy corrupted spelling of "poseur," which is derived from the French. Both variants share the same etymological root as the English "pose."



Raver Goth 
Generally a Raver who wear clothes associated with Gothic culture. See also: cybergoth.
The newer wave of industrial music fans, may look a bit like cybergoths


Dublin Goth slang that is used to describe 'anyone who isn't a goth'. It can be quite insulting, especially as non-goths use the term as an equivalent of the UK 'chav'.
Deliberately making uber goth comments as a joke; a mockery of babygoth behaviour.
Spook Baby
Originally referred to teens who used Marilyn Manson's image to shock and anger authority figures. Now it is a general term referring to someone considered a poser in the gothic community.
(1) Pre-Goth subculture existing only in Australia, possibly influencing the development of the Goth subculture. Notable for wearing black clothing, and long, often unkempt, hair. Often fans of The Birthday Party. (2) In Queensland, the term is also designates long-haired psychedelic people noted also for wearing tight jeans and paisley (similar to the usage of hippie in the US).


The silliest goth toy in existence. A satirical take on Tamagotchi electronic pets, available as a free downloadable program for most operating systems.
Trad goth 
Used to describe both gothic rock music and fashion from the 70's and early 80's.
Trench Coat Brigade / Mafia 
Normally youth/students who wear trench coats, may appear rebellious and disaffected, but to some may resemble Goths. Made famous by the student shooting at Columbine, the perpetrators of which were said to be the same.
(collq) Irish (dublin specific) term for goth-esque trenchcoat wearers.


Uber goth 
Can be used either humorously or insultingly to describe a seemingly vain goth. Also a Goth who displays a keen fashion sense within the Goth subculture standard.



Generally used as an insult to describe people who dress using non-goth fashions through the week but "turn goth" for weekend clubbing. See also Weekend warrior



Yuppie Goth 
Referring to Young Urban Professionals (Yuppies) who go into Goth stores and decide that it would be cute and quaint to play dress-up like the Goths. See also Poser and Insta-Goth



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