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PWP can also refer to a sub-genre of fanfiction - see PWP (fanfiction).

PWP is a Finnish demogroup founded in 1994. Having originally concentrated on humorous games and storyline-based text mode demos on the low-end PC's, PWP is now one of the leading demogroups on the Commodore VIC-20.

The VIC-20 demos by PWP have been well received by the demomaking community due to their technological excellence and the unusual and entertaining style reminiscent of the older PC-based works. Many of the demos have won competitions at well-respected demo parties such as the Assembly and the Alternative Party, often while competing against productions written for far more powerful platforms such as the PC and the Amiga. The single-load demo Robotic Warrior has also been the first and so far the only 8-bit demo ever nominated in the Awards (Best 4K Intro, 2004).

Notable releases



  • Impossiblator
  • Impossiblator 2
  • Robotic Warrior
  • Robotic Liberation

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