Reframing (NLP)

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This article is about reframing, a Neuro-linguistic programming method. For reframing in cinematography, please see Reframing (film technique)

Reframing is also used in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to describe changing the context or representation of a problem. More precisely, one of the most effective techniques for achieving almost any desired change in NLP is the "six step re-frame".

The technique involves confirming positive intention(s) behind the behavior(s) that one seeks to change (usually an undesirable trait of behavior). Alternatives to satisfy the positive intent are found, followed by negotiations with (parts of) self to resolve conflict, check for ecology and to implement the new behavior(s).

Reframing occurs in life regardless of NLP, and is a common means by which meanings get created and lost in various situations (either deliberately or by hapstance):



...when discussion is held about "tax relief," two historic understandings of taxation are lost: that taxes are the cost of admission to a civil society, and that those who want to evade taxes yet still use public assets like fire and police protection are freeloaders. Instead, taxes are cast [reframed] as something oppressive, from which we need relief. [1]

Six Step Reframe

Content Reframing

Context Reframing

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