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Peer pressure comprises a set of group dynamics whereby a group of people in which one feels comfortable may override the sexual personal habits, individual moral inhibitions or idiosyncratic desires to impose a group norm of attitudes or behaviors.

Some examples

Popular usage associates the term peer pressure particularly with young people or teenagers. The concept can provide a simple and superficial explanation of what occurs when people "go off the rails" or "get in with a bad crowd". Simply put, peer pressure in this context implies that kids can do something they don't really want to do because they think it will make them "cool" among their group of friends, and help them fitting in.

Peer pressure is when a group of people do it, as a conformity of attitude, is also found in professional circles. Here there is some rationality, as careers are at stake. For example, behavioral finance research has shown that financial analysts are prone to give similar recommendations, biased towards buying more than selling, as they feel it too risky to criticize others or to displease the listed corporations. The saying "better be wrong with the others than to be right alone" exemplifies this.

Generalization to other social fields

The term can explain much more in social acceptance, such as the spread of fashion and operations of crowd behavior.

See also: conformity; groupthink; hive mind; Dare to Be Different.


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